About Me

My name is Thaddeus Dombrowski.  I am a software engineer working for a leading for-profit education provider.  I enjoy my work, especially since I had the opportunity to join our business intelligence team.  Prior to joining this team, I worked on web-applications.  Now, I get to work on our Hadoop installation.  I have been re-invigorated by all the new things to learn.

Prior to becoming a software engineer I taught high school and middle school math and science.

I have also worked at a lot of other jobs at various times to make ends meet, from cab driver to restaurant worker.  I even once worked at the zoo, driving a dump truck and cleaning up crap. 

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho from ’86-’88 where I taught math, physics, and chemistry.

Currently, I am working on becoming a writer.  I am trying to become the person who can complete the novel I am working on.  I am not there, yet.  I hope to share some of this journey within this blog.

I enjoy, among other things, bicycling.  I may share more thoughts on this activity within this blog.  I have been commuting to work by bike for several years now.  Currently, I am living without a car, so I do a lot of biking.  In fact, it has become less of a hobby and more of something I do because I need to get to work each day.  I may one day soon again buy a vehicle to augment my commuting abilities.

I have also been a beekeeper, and would like to resume this activity at some point in the future.


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