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Wo Xiang (pinyin), or 我 想 (Mandarin) means I think or I believe.

Original About:

This blog consists of my thoughts and ideas as I understand my place in the world and my relationships with others.

New thoughts on my About page (9/25/2010):

 A year ago or so I conjured up a story from some dreams I was having.  I described the idea for the story to my wife.  She has had to endure hearing my ideas for stories a number of times over the years, and typically doesn’t think much of them.  Usually, my ideas for stories are half-baked, at best.  This particular time was different.  After I described the idea in rough terms she told me that it sounded interesting.  That, in itself, excited me.

What was more exciting, though, was the story itself.  It got into my brain and wouldn’t leave.  I made some notes on the idea, and that was that.  What else was I supposed to do?  I wasn’t actually a writer.  Oh, I wanted to be one, at least occasionally.  When the inspiration hits, we can all be writers, at least for the day.  But, I wasn’t a real writer in that I didn’t follow through on the days my inspiration resumed its all too frequent vacation.

The problem with this particular story is that it festered in my brain.  I would think about it during idle moments and I was nagged by the notion that the story had enough merit that it needed to be told.  And then my brain would reason that if I didn’t write it, no one else would because the idea was mine alone. 

Maybe stories can actually shop for a person suitable for the task of developing and telling them.  Maybe if I ignored this story, it would find another person to tell it to the world.  Maybe, but I doubted it.

Around the first of the year, that time when we tend to reflect on life and make weak commitments to change ourselves for the better, the nagging grew persistent.  I reread my initial notes on the story.  Then I began to make more notes.  Around the beginning of February (2010) I made the decision to write the thing.

It wasn’t long before I had written a beginning to the story. Within a week of starting the story, though, I decided I needed help.  So I went to meetup.com and found a writers group.  At my first meeting I read what I wrote and they metaphorically tore it to pieces.  I realized then that I really didn’t know what I was doing.  Since then, I have been going each week when I have the time.  And I have been trying to write.  But, life gets in the way.  

A lot has happened during the past few months.  I separated from my wife.  It has been a very painful process, one that I initiated.  I am now living in an apartment a couple miles from my home.  I am settling in and trying to resume a more regular schedule for my writing.

I have also been debating whether or not to blog about writing.  I have maintained blogs on and off in the past.  I wasn’t committed to blogging, the way some people are.  I did it for fun, when I had something to say.  However, I could see the value in blogging about writing in that I am a non-writer trying to figure out how to become a writer.  Maybe others would be interested in reading about that.

The main reason I haven’t been blogging these past eight or nine months is that I didn’t want that to get in the way of working on the story.  However, since I have been settling down in my apartment and establishing some new patterns of habitual living, I have been giving a lot of thought to adding in one day a week to blogging.  As it is, I am already writing about my writing to myself.  Why not share that with others and see if people are interested?

So, I revisited my blog and started cleaning it up, changing some things around.  I started this a couple of days ago and saw that I suddenly had forty hits.  I guess some people who subscribed in the past were notified of my house-cleaning.  Anyone who had been following and came back to check things out, thanks.  Sorry for the long absence.

I still intend this blog to be a space for venting random thoughts and opinions.  But, I also want to write at least once a week about my writing.  I will put anything about writing into a category called writing.  Some of my old posts may also get edited or deleted.  In any case, I am back.  However, finishing the story I am working on will take precedence.  So, if you see me paying too much attention to the blog, you’ll know that I am procrastinating.


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